Why Does No One Like Me, I'm Really Pretty?


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Brian Reed answered
I am sure someone will like you and you will find the right person eventually. In the meantime just casually date men until you find one that's for you. Whatever you do though do not set your expectations any lower. Reason being you will not be happy having to settle for someone less than you wanted.
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Lena JH answered
When you say good enough I hope you don't mean by looks alone. Be opened minded, take a second look at those guys you say aren't good enough. If it's for good reasons you say this then just wait for the right person for you, it'll happen.
millicent williams Profile
Yes bad attitude dear --just look at what you have written? Get it?no well read it again!
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Erin Tyler answered
You sound very up yourself. Maybe try lowering your standards and go out with different people. Saying that none of them are good enough for you is just shallow and that's probably why they don't like you. Remember, guys aren't going to automatically like you just because you're pretty. Personality is important as well.
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Sarah answered
I like you
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Daniel Sandoval answered
Perhaps they are picking up on your dissatisfaction. Maybe you should only go out with guys that you think are too good for you instead, that way you feel as though you need to try. 
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Anonymous answered
Being pretty does not magically translate into being likable. Look at me, I'm pretty, and I'm an asshole. Granted, a likable one... But you get my drift. Reading the subscript you posted is conformation of my theory, only in you're case, you're just a bitch! "..well I mean guys like me, but I don't think that they are good enough..."
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Anonymous answered
Hey allyy just enjoy who you and what you are doing (remember don't change yourself or try to fit in in order to be attracted by someone) just be yourself and you never know when someone will be attracted to you and open up to you. Just be patient enjoy for the moment. Remember love is just around the corner but just be patient
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Anonymous answered
Wow... I can tell why they don't like you... Someones got a little bit of a big head....
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Anonymous answered
Maybe ppl think your too stuck up. If you think you're really pretty then people will think that you are self scented. It's good to be beautiful but try not to make it clear that you think you are! :)
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Anonymous answered
Just because your pretty, doesn't mean guys will like you.  Maybe you hve a bad personality.  And looks don't matter.
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Maxine Chan answered
Guys are intimidated by you because you are so pretty or you are narcistic, meaning you only care about yourself and maybe you are shallow at best.
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Well maybe your over confident thats why you probly think some guys arent good evove becouse every ones pretty but when it comes down to it its all about your attitude and how you treat other

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