What Is The Difference Between Inner Beauty And Outer Beauty?


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Inner beauty and outer beauty are entirely different! If you have inner beauty, it means you’re a nice person, but outer beauty refers to your appearance.

Inner Beauty
This one’s all about personality – a person with inner beauty is friendly, helpful, compassionate, honest and fun to be around.

Quite often, your inner beauty will shine through – we all know someone who’s pretty on the outside, but who has a bad personality.

People like this tend to be attractive when you first meet them, but once you get to know them, you tend to find them pretty repulsive.

Inner beauty will stay with you forever, but outer beauty will fade as you get older.

Outer Beauty
Outer beauty is your physical appearance. A pretty face, nice hair, and a perfect body are all contributors to outer beauty, but unfortunately, none of them last forever.

You can spend a lot of time making yourself look pretty, but nobody will care if you’re a horrible person!

Which Is Better – Inner Beauty Or Outer Beauty?
Oh, I’d definitely say inner beauty. Your inner beauty will shine through regardless of how many calories you’ve eaten or whether or not you’ve dyed your hair recently!

If you want to be as attractive as possible, then both are important – take care of your physical appearance, and make sure you’re a nice person. You can’t go wrong if you do that!
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Outer beauty is your features and how pretty others think you are from first glance on the outside.

Inner beauty is how nice and polite and kind you act. If you're a snob and rude to everyone some might say you are not beautiful because they judge on inner beauty.
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They are different.  Inner talks about your character.  It means if you are a kind, gentle, honest etc. And outer talks about the physical - that you look good, beautiful, and you adore it.

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Inner beauty is your character traits nice, friendly. Outer beauty is how you actually look.

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Inner beauty is about whats on the inside. If you are pretty on the outside you can be ugly on the inside. Inner beauty is being nice to people and generally making a effort to be nice. Outer beauty is more how symmetrical your face is and how makeup can turn you pretty.

Both though, are amazing

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