It's Hard Finding Shoes To Fit My Wide Fat Feet. Can You Help?


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if there is a new look near where you live, they do a special range of wider fitting shoes!
or if not I am sure ebay might have some
or you might be able to get them specially made
hope this answers your question :D :D
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You could have a look at the Dr Scholl website as they do some nice shoes for wider feet. I got my boots from there as they have bigger calf sizes. I never even thought that you could get shoes for wider feet - to be honest it did not bother me too much in recent years as I have bought pair after pair of plimsoll or flat type shoes as I cycle a lot. BUT whenever I tried to get smarter footwear for interviews or other special occasions - I could not find anything and would end up spending five or ten pound on a pair that I knew I would never wear again as they always hurt so much.

I saw this short piece on wide fitting shoes which is quite interesting:


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Someone could make them for you with a wider fitting
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Visit a shoe repair shop. They can customize the width for you.

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You can go and see a cobbler and have them made for you. It would save you a lot of hunting time, trying to find someone who sells them. I think it would be best if you go this route. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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At Dr. Leonard's catalog, its a mail order one too. They have lots of shoe styles by Dr Scholls. And they come in wide widths. You did not say about the rest of you. If it is just your feet that are wide. Try searching online for shoes. Then try to narrow it down to what exactly you are looking for. If you are plus size many mail order catalogs carry shoes with wide widths too..

Good luck.

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