Why Is London A Fashion Capital?


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In the past few decades, London's fashion industry has grown to rival fashion stalwarts like Milan and Paris.

However, in the eyes of many trend-setters, London has in fact taken over as the fashion capital of the world.

It is home to some of the world best designers including:

  • Thomas Burberry
  • Stella McCartney
  • Alexander McQueen

Why is London a fashion capital?

London boasts several major fashion galas and conventions each year, and London Fashion Week is a highlight of the global fashion calendar.

These events play an important role in setting the fashion trends for the forthcoming seasons, and are symbolic of how much influence London has on the entire world's fashion trends.

London and Fashion

As for the consumer side of fashion, it's hard to think of any capital city that offers a shopping experience as diverse and rich as London's.

From the designer shops of Knightsbridge to the vintage boutiques of Shoreditch, London embraces fashion like an anteater embraces... Ants?

With its blend of cultures, traditions and subcultures, I think the most attractive thing about London's fashion scene is its diversity.

In fact, London is the only city I can think of that houses fashion hot-beds as diverse as Oxford Street, Kings Road, Brick Lane and Camden Town.

Whether you are looking for a Bengali sari or a Sarah Burton wedding dress, London is the place to be.
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Because they have more people and they have more stores - and all celebrities go there to be seen.
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Arguably, if you lived in many parts of the world you'd have to admit that Milan (Milano) Italy  is more of a fashion capital of the world than London. Especially for those studying fashion.

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