Is There A List Of Designer Labels That Use Slave Labour?


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Many brands have been accused of using slave labor at one point or another.

Whilst no designer brand would ever think of openly admitting that slaves are involved in the production of their clothing, it's very possible that a lot of the clothing we wear is associated with slavery in one way or another.

Labels that use slavery

Question: What is common to Levi's jeans, Coca-Cola, Heineken beer, Nike sneakers and goods that are produced for sale in London's exclusive Harrods store?

Answer: According to various campaigners, they are all major commercial labels that violate human rights in the production of their products - even to this day!

Although 'Produced by Slaves' isn't a tag that's often used to label their products, the companies listed above have all been known to employ minors, force them to work for long hours, and pay them next to nothing!

Brands that use slave labor Despite the international arena being competitive - and organisations like the ILO and the UNICEF making all possible efforts to abolish modern-day slavery - it is claimed that at least five of the top international brands available in retail outlets today are actually made by slaves.

Most of these slaves are women and children who work in sweatshops in developing countries. They often suffer in appalling conditions, and earn a pittance for all their efforts and hard work.

As far as specific designer brands, one blog I read during my research claimed that Hugo Boss directly benefited from the enslavement of prisoners in Nazi Germany!

Another article suggested that Topshop's Philip Green is raking in millions on the back of slavery. Victoria's Secret is another high-profile brand that similar accusations have been leveled at.

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