Do You Have To Walk Around Partially Naked In A Spa? I Am Thinking Of Going To One For The First Time But Am A Little Nervous. 


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You don't have to walk around half-naked, don't worry!

What Will I Have to Wear?

Usually, you'll be given a bathrobe or a long towel, and they'll direct you to a place where you can change. You'll be asked to keep your underwear on and put the towel or bathrobe on over the top.

During the treatment, you'll only be asked to expose the part of your body that the practitioner is working on. For example, if you're receiving a full-body massage, they'll do it in stages, revealing only the part of your body that needs to be on show. If they're massaging your shoulders, nothing else will be on show. The staff attitude is very professional and you'll usually be given the opportunity to make yourself decent before you even leave the treatment room, so walking around half-naked needn't be a concern.

Spa treatments can be relaxing and rejuvenating, and I really recommend going for it, even if you're nervous. You'll feel much better afterwards!

What Should I Bring to a Spa?

If you're staying at a hotel spa, it's best to bring loose, comfortable clothes and swimwear. Many spas also have gym facilities so you'll need something to work out in if you're going to take advantage of that.

You don't need to bring anything at all if you're just visiting the spa for a treatment, as they'll provide you with everything you need.

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Usually what happens in a spa is that you should arrive around ten minutes early just in case you need to fill out any forms and in order to familiarise yourself with the spa itself. You will then be given a towel and usually a pair of slippers which are disposable so you know that they are clean and they have never been worn before! You will be shown to your changing room where you should change into the towel and then within ten minutes your therapist will come and get you if you are booked in for any treatments such as a massage.
The main ting to remember with spas is that they do tend to run on a tight schedule and whilst the aim is to relax, you should never be late for any treatment. This is because the therapist will have many more clients booked in after you and if you are late you could potentially affect everybody else's treatment! Usually it means that your treatment will be cut short and you will not receive the best benefits for you. So, be punctual, arrive early and don't forget to enjoy yourself! You will always have a towel around you and usually you have underwear on underneath too. You certainly do not have to walk round partially naked all of the time! Just make sure you read up the spas guidelines for clothing before you book with them to make sure you are completely comfortable.
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Another idea is don't go to far to the spa or your drive home will be stressful and ruin your massage results

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