Explain How To Carry Out A Skin Analysis?


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A skin analysis test is usually carried out by a professional before a facial. In doing so, the aesthetician is able to look for and identify the followings things:

If your skin is/has:

  • oily, congested skin with breakouts
  • dry, dull, ageing
  • red or highly sensitive
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • smooth/rough
  • extreme dryness
  • breakouts/bumps
  • firmness v sagginess

To perform the skin analysis, the aesthetician will use a magnifying lamp, also commonly referred to as a "loupe." It gives the aesthetician a better ability to see the skin up close, including things that are concealed to the naked eye or covered by make up.

Whilst performing the skin analysis, the aesthetician will cover your eyes with cool cotton pads. She will thoroughly analyse all parts of your skin, usually touching it whilst she works, and moving from angle to angle. 

The aesthetician may ask you questions related to your skin, including your health and the duration you have suffered any problems. She will tell you at this point what she sees, and recommend a treatment if needs be.

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