Where Can I Find Espinoza Paz Shirts?


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The shirts that Espinoza Paz wears can be found in a variety of shops, both online and in malls. Some examples of online shops that stock similar styles of shirt are:
Espinoza Paz is a Mexican musician who was born on 29th October 1981. He is well known for the clothing he wears, which normally consists of a shirt with a pattern, a pair of pants (normally black), a cowboy hat, and boots.
Paz immigrated to California when he was 14 years old, and he already had about 20 songs written at this time. He returned to Mexico after the death of his mother, and decided to try out his hand at singing, which was the wish of his mother.
He performed in various bars and clubs, performing in different bands as a singer. He sang his own songs and soon caught the attention of a number of radio stations, which started to play his songs.
He started to write songs for a number of Mexican artists including:
  • Banda Cuisillos
  • Banda de Jerez
  • El Chapo de Sinaloa
At this time he released his album, Paz en Tu Corazon. He followed this album with another in 2008, Amigo con Derechos. He soon caught the eye, and ear, of Universal Records in Latin America, and was signed to the label. He has since released three more albums and has had a degree of success in the United States with the latter two albums achieving platinum status, and topping the charts in the US regional Mexican charts. These albums are titled:
  • Yo No Canto, Pero Lo Intentamos
  • Del Rancho Para El Mundo

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