How Do You Get The Sticky Price Tags Off Of Plastic Glasses?


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Pick up a product called, "GOO GONE" at most any supermarket in the cleaners section.
Also, if your husband has any, "Go Jo" orange pumice hand cleaner in the garage, it also works great.
Most cleaners with a citrus base, such as orange, will remove the sticky off of surfaces.
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You can easily pull it off by grabbing it from one end. However, if this does not work, simply wet a cloth or a piece of cotton. Then rub it over the sticky tag. This will help you remove the tag after some rubbing.
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I tried alcohol, baby oil, fingernail polish remover, vinegar, ammonia, murphys oil soap Dawn dish liquid, nothing worked except it did take the design off the glasses, also ran through the dishwasher twice.

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