I Found A Very Small Black Worm Suctioning Its Way Across My Computer Screen. It Was Less Than A Quarter-inch Long, Barely Visible. Is This Worm Dangerous? Can It Enter My Skin Or Cause Parasites If Ingested?


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It can suction? I think that it is a leech. I am not a bug expert, but usually, a black, suctioning worm is a leech. It is not very, very dangerous. It can't "enter" your skin. Do not eat it! I read in a book that you can get rid of it carefully by using a cigerate lighter, but be careful with that.
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I am having the same problem! I just saw 2 on my screen! I wonder if its attracted to the inside of the computer because its warm?
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Could they be baby inchworms? How did they move?  If they are inchworms, they they are harmless.

The static on the computer screen could make tiny bugs float.

I think if you can see the bug, then it is too big to burrow inside you.

As for eating them, well I don't think too many studies have been done on inchworms (if they are inchworms), so I have no idea. Just don't eat them.

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