I Hate Wearing A Bra, But I`m Worried Because People Tell Me I Will Regret When I Get Older, I`m 21 Now, They Say They Will Sag, Is That True ?


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Welcome to my world, my s.o.[significant other] thinks all women who are not whores love to wear bras!My breasts are full and about the size of the ones in picture. I am 53 and mine do not sag. Menopause actually endowed me with 1/2 cup size larger. Be sure to wear a comfortable sports bra when working out so as not to damage tissue, and to school when you have children, so as not to cause them any teasing or judging, by other parents. Sports Bras are pretty comfortable, for when you just have to! However always try them on, so you know that they will fit, and look the way  you want.
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That pic looks like me when I was 21. My advice wear a good supporting bra because sooner or later gravity will kick in. I also hate to wear bras but I do for the simple fact that it does help in the long run. When you decide to have kids make sure you wear a bra at all times, even to bed because that will help your breast not sag. I know I did it 4 times. Until you get pregnant I don't think you should worry to much about wearing a bra. As long as you can still pass the pencil test NO WORRIES!!!
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sorry for the question, but what is the pencil test?=)
bridget lancaster
the pencil test is when you put a pencil under your breast if it won't stay there your doing good, if it stays there time to wear a bra :)
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I'm 57 and typically wear about a 38B bra--only when I feel extremely pressured by society to do so. I breast fed two sons about 20 years ago, and found that to be the only really useful reason to wear a bra because pads could catch the leaks. When I was your age, the original bra burning was going on and I'd encourage you to take up the cause. If more women refuse to bend to the pressure of hiding our shameful mammaries we can all break free of the ill effects of this un-natural practice. If allowed to develop naturally, unsupported tissue will develop its own supporting ligaments and muscles, which will be more healthy. Check out the connections between bras and cancer. And ask judgmental people how many men do they know who wear a jock strap all day long. FYI--my breasts sag a little more than they did 30 years ago, but vanity is less important than health.

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