What Subjects Are Needed For A Beautician?


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There are a couple of subjects you may need to study such as shampoo technician, aesthetician, nail technician, electrologist, hair stylist, and hair colorist.

  • Definition of Beautician

A beautician is someone that is skilled in giving cosmetic treatments. Often the person will work in a beauty salon where styling and coloring hair are required. Perms may also be given. A beautician can be a nail technician as well as a person that shampoos hair. In general a beautician will work with hair over nails or even such things as electrolysis or aesthetician work.

  • Studies
Basic math is part of the studies a beautician will have to go through. Basic chemistry is another. This is due to the hair coloring. One has to know the proper amounts to put in the bottle so as not to damage the hair. It also means understanding the chemicals and what could go wrong with the wrong usage. Hair can be damaged with the wrong chemicals, so a bit about human anatomy such as how hair grows, how it can be damaged, and how to maintain it will be part of the studies.

Additionally a beautician will have a practical section to their studies wherein they work at a beauty school with real people. They will be asked to try doing hair, nails, and other beautician services in order to learn the trade. After the schooling is over a beautician can elect to do what they prefer such as just working on hair or just working on nails.

There are additional studies such as seminars that can be attended to learn new hair styles, new products, and much more. These seminars are usually based on a variety of topics, even makeup for those who are more into cosmetology rather than just hair.
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I believe you will only need maths and english. I met a beautician and you do not need science as you only need to know how to measure the substances. You will also need to take a course at tech college either doing hair or skin etc. Good luck x
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You need to take chemistry, english, maths, art and that is it but you have to get Cs to As in 3 to 4 subjects so I hope this info was helpful to whoever has read it enjoy lol xx
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If you are asking what to take while you are still in high school, it doesn't matter. Anyone can apply to beauty school. You may just want to start applying to beauty schools shortly before your senior year ends.
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You will do human biology, health and safety, how to run a business, as well as all the normal beauty training. Be warned though far more beauticians are being trained than there are jobs for. You could do a two or three year course and find at the end there is no employment for you.

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