What Type Of Makeup Does Holly (girls Next Door) Wear?


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I agree, girls always need to choose cosmetics to create their own style and not look at others. At least I try to do that, you know, just be myself. Now I often buy cosmetics in this online store https://www.deadseashop.com/. Look, there is a great variety here. Maybe you can find something for yourself

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Clothes are not the only accessory must be taken into account in this process. Cosmetics is even more important. Anyway, after I started to , my life became easier and simpler. And it is eally great with it.

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She uses MAC cosmetics theirs an episode where she is seen holding a MAC product
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I used to watch girls next  door but when I moved to another house I couldnt`t watch it anymore but I`ll give it  a try.I think she wore lipstick makeup if not its ok.
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At the Holly Madison's official website there is a store where you can buy Girls Next Door and Playboy merchandise online. But I think the make-up is their own. See the link below, its amazing:

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