How Do I Contact Gillette Customer Services?


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As with most companies, Gillette has a website which has an option to ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the page. If you log onto any website you will usually find the necessary contact information you require by scrolling to the very bottom of the page where the small print, site map and copyright conditions usually lie.

Gillette’s contact page will lead you to an email form on a specially customised ‘Customer Help’ website. Here there are 154 of the top Frequently Asked Questions to Gillette. There is a search box where you can type in your question to see if someone has asked it before and someone from the Gillette team will have successfully answered it and solved that customer’s problem. It is more than likely that someone has experienced the same problem as yourself so it is a good idea to check this out first to receive a quick and easy response.

If you do not manage to find the answer here then it is possible to send a direct email to Gillette by clicking on the ‘Email Us’ link which is situated just above the search box. A form will then appear in which you need to place your email address, you date of birth, your house address, the product you are contacting them about and what category your query falls into. The categories can include anything from the use of coupons and vouchers to tips on what is the best product for you. There is a drop down menu where you can choose which category you require. Then at the very bottom of the screen is a larger box in which you can type your question.

You can also ‘Like’ Gillette on Facebook or ‘Follow’ them on Twitter which would give you the opportunity to interact with a member of the Gillette team, although it is not guaranteed they will be able to respond or help, therefore the website email form is the best form of contact.
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You make it extremley hard to lay a complaint against one of your products. I have used Gillette for several years, and with the price of the new gillette fusion razor and refill blades, I was not impressed with the results. It's not the stores fault the complaint lays with your product. I did not mind paying more for the razor and refill blades because like I mentioned, I have used Gillette for several years. If this is any indication on your products now I am seriously thinking on switching. I have served with the Canadian Forces and a veteran (retired) at 50 years old I have several years left to shave and buy products, I keep in contact with ex military and presently serving members, I have told several young military members on the better grooming products for men and woman available, better grooming means better appearance, better image of our troops here and abroad, really, really disappointed in the result I had from your new gillette fusion , changed the blade twice same poor rough shave, waste of money, I really hope it was a bad batch I bought.

MCPL (ex) Joe Gaynes
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I have been using Fusion Power blades for some time but recent  purchase are terrible- either
the result of a change in manufacturing process or  from a defective production run- if I get one decent shave out of a new blade this  is best I can manage! Where can I send blades  for evaluation?
Barrie Popkin

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