Best Halloween Costume?


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My friend went last year to a party as Box of Cheerios with a pretend dagger stuck through from front to back.  He said he was a 'cereal' (serial) killer.  This was best costume on a budget, I think. :) 

My friends are a little weird (you think?)-- another couple went as 2 cardboard square boxes, decorated to look like game dice (obviously they were dressed up as 'paradise')... Oh brother.  Their costumes made it very hard for them to do anything independently at the party, because without each other they wouldn't have had the 'pair' in paradise---- they said they hadn't thought of that ahead of time.  So was funny to watch when one had to leave for a moment to refresh a drink or whatever --- the one left standing alone would get asked --- so what is YOUR costume?  And they would just stand there and try to explain why they came as a [they thought] stupid game die.  LOL!  Also those huge costumes made it extremely difficult to transport two inebriated dice at the end of the night in my sedan... :)
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Katarzyna Guernsey
"paradise" like pair of dice*that is the cutest idea!its funny how languages work , in my native language pair is para. and its pronunced same way, so this sound really cute to me in a couple of ways.:)
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The costume I remember getting the most reaction from was one I wore about 6 years ago. It was the easiest & cheapest costume I have ever had. I wore a long (mid calve length) black dress slip and had a friend embroider FREUD down the front...I was a Freudian Slip. I know very cheesey but there was a big reaction from people who understood. The other more creative one I did a few years ago I was a bathtub. Bought one of those blue tub looking things from Walmart with the rope handles on each side. Affixed suspenders to that and cut out the bottom. Blew up white and blue balloons and taped them all over the side. Wore a shower cap and slippers and a flesh toned body suits with balloons all over that so I looked like a bubble bath! It was fun but not very functional!
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How clever - freudian slip. And also the bubble bath! I want you on my costume team and at my party next year!!! :)
Katarzyna Guernsey
you are too funny DanielleR!:)
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I guess I am not really able to answer the question as I never had a chance to dress up for Halloween:( I will next year , because from what I've read this sounds like so much fun!!!I will share how my son surprised me just
few minutes ago.I got him a Spiderman suit this year, because its his
favourite super hero.I just send him upstairs to change into his pajamas and he came back dressed in black dress pants, blue dress shirt and a tie?! I asked him what is going on and he replied "You did not think that I will go to school revealing my secret identity I am going in as Peter Parker!", and then he opened his shirt showing his superhero costume from underneath. Lol
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I saw a reenactment of a film called derby o:gill and the little people. It was a halloween show put on in a primary school. The head teacher was dressed as derby, and a bunch of kids were dressed as leprechauns. At one point derby has the king of leprechauns in his sack and he is talking to him . Of course they didnt have any real leprechauns on hand to play the roll, and the kids were rather too big, yet everyone could see something moving in the sack. None of the parents knew what it was, none of the kids in the play knew what it was, and even the other teachers had no idea. It was rumoured beforehand that everyone was in for a surprise. Suddenly the sack opened and out came a leprechaun. He was obviously a king for he was wearing a crown and he was no more than 2 feet tall. He dashed across the floor and the parents and teachers screamed as loud as the kids. He darted past the teacher at the main door and disappeared into the background. When the nervous laughter died down. A man reentered with the king and introduced him as toto the monkey. The makeup and and facemask he was wearing were incredible. And everyone talked about the experience for months after. As a Halloween performance it has never been equalled. A few parents admitted to me later that they thought ,just for a moment, that it was the real thing. Happy halloween everyone :)
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Best costume? Hmmm... I would my most intellectual was last year's every "man" outfit... I spent 3 mos. Clipping out random pictures of men from magazines and newspapers then a fixed them to an old pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a ski mask. I refused to speak and had a blast seeing which men women liked or didn't... What disturbed me was how many wanted to "cut and paste" their perfect guy.

MY favorite of all time? The one my older sister made for me in the 5th grade when she worked on making a bunch of boxes into a replica of the old Voltron robot from cartoons. She is such a talented artist. I won 4 best costume awards that yr with her costume.
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Hilarious Halloween experiment in sociology! :) And Voltron, (superhero of batteries?) costume sounds great!
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Wow! I remember Voltron. I think my grandmother bought me a Voltron nightlite on year for Chrsitmas because my brother was into in automatically meant I was into it even though we were different genders. Brings back memories!
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Can't compete with your friends amore - GOOD creative thinking for these folks! I have had many costumes over the years; some rented, some bought at GoodWill. I have dressed up as a pumpkin, a lotto ball, the Phoenix Suns gorilla, a "bag" lady, just to name a's so much fun to see all the variety of costumes when you go to halloween parties. Btw, are you dressing up this year??
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When I was eleven,I dressed up as a vampire.I think that was the best Halloween I ever had.I went to a party,and my classmates were there,but they couldn't recognise me because I had such a great costume.They all crowded around me and tried to work out who I was.And I won the Best Costume prize.Then when I went trick or treating,people gave me extra stuff for having such a good costume.
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As a child I did my own costumes so I went trick-or-treating as a cowboy, a hobo/with five o'clock shadow, a hippie or a flower child. I think I had some gender identification issues. The best or most outrageous costume was when I was single and invited to a number of parties and I went as a Vegas showgirl. I wore a flesh colored body suit with "diamond" pasties and a g-string. I wore an enormous headress covered in feathers and a feather boa. That has been a while ago but it is fun to remember. I was hot!
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I don't do much dressing up myself, but the best costume I saw someone else in was a member of our dog club committee whose wife made him a Mr Blobby costume to wear on our fundraising day for husky rescue. For those that don't know, Mr Blobby was a character on a TV show here who was actually quite annoying, and only ever said "Blobby! Blobby! Blobby!" He was fat and pink, with big yellow spots and huge feet.
Poor Smithy wore that costume all day, through all the daft games with husky teams and everything. The whole day was a hoot, and I think we gave him a prize for best costume.
PS and none of the dogs turned a hair at it.
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How funny. By the way, if you are a dog lover, there are some cute dog costumes posted in DesertKid's Jack o Latnern Group (look in the gallery) , and I have posted some in the gallery of the Live Well group also. Talk about a hoot!!
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Thank you for your answer. I got an idea.
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The year Ghostbusters came out, I went as the Staypuft Marshmallow man. A friend made the costume for me, I think I still have the hat.

When my nephew was two years old he was absolutely OBSESSED with the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" portion of Fantasia. He wanted to be a broom. My sister and I made him a broom costume complete with buckets for carrying the endless water. He's 16 now and just as wacky as ever, bless his heart.
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OMG Nanny. The description is worth its weight (also wait) in gold. Our Boticelli supreme, movie connisseur, sensible, reasonable, even-keeled professional woman Nanny in a sta-puff marshmallow costume. Precious, precious! I have gotten my "money's worth" from this site today :)!!!!!! PS- Could you please post a picture on your profile of you with the hat on? I know we would all love to see it; newcomeers and regular (and irregulars) alike :)
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Well, this might not have been the best costume ever, but today at school we had a Halloween parade and in our class, I think the best costume was my friend Daniella's. She was a hippie. She had this loose shirt (which she borrowed from her friend) and jeans that widen out a lot at the bottom, just like a real hippie. She also had a necklace and (her mom's) sunglasses. It was definitely the best costume in our class.
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Best costume I ever wore was when I was like six. I was Luke Skywalker and my little brother was Darth Vader. Pretty good pair for a couple of little kids eh. The best costumes I have seen this year is the 60 lb. Iphone costume that has been going around the internet and the Team Fortress 2 group costume. Look em up, pretty funny. The iphone costume has actual music and changing televised screen. Very nice. Oh yeah, and the best one I have seen in real life were my friends dressed as Jay and Silent Bob, you have no idea how realistic they looked.
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When I was younger, my brother and I were Raggedy Ann and Andy. My mom made the costumes ... I remember it took her along time with fittings and sewing. They were very original.
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The best hollaween I can think of is a girl that works with my husband dressed up like momma on mommas family
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This year I'm going as a Crazed Spongebob Fan. I think it will be my best costume yet. I have gone as a dead cheerleader that was pretty good, too, but this costume is the best. I have a Spongebob shirt with just his face that I'll wear with pants covered in him and his various faces. My nails will be painted yellow (not necessary if you're a boy). I don't know about shoes yet because it's a costume dance party, so I don't know. But there's lots of things you can do if you're a crazed fan of anything, so I think that's best.
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Last year I went as a fed-ex package. I stuffed a shirt and glued gloves to a cardboard box.and then attached a pair of overalls to the shirt and I stood in thhe legs. I then cut a hole out of the box for my legs and I looked like the fedex man was carrying me around in the box! It was amazin.
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This year, so many people buy the costume of deadpool, I don't know why. But it's really a great costume. It seems as justice and security. Love it. Hope you can love it too.

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