How Do I Get A Curry Stain Out Of Clothes?


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We've all been in that situation, chowing down on a luscious lamb Madras or a tasty Balti when all of a sudden you look down at your shirt and realize there's a serious curry stain on your brand new Primarni sweater.

Gutted. Curry stains are well known for being very difficult to get out.

Luckily there is a way:

How to get curry stains out

Curry has a habit of acting like a dye on fabric, so the most important thing you can do is to wash the stain as soon as possible.

A biological powder that contains bleach is usually the best product to use, examples of which include popular brands like:

  • Ariel
  • Surf
  • Daz
The main thing is to stay away from the non-bio, non-bleach stuff. It might be better for your clothes and the environment, but you need some heavy-duty stuff to tackle curry stains.

Stubborn curry stains

If the marks persist, then you may want to consider soaking the items in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. (I'd recommend reading the instructions to any peroxide-based substance before using it.)

Rise your clothes well, and then stick them in the wash as normal.

You may also want to consider trying purpose-designed stain removing products. These include things like Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover.

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