What Are Trainers Made From?


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Following are the materials used in making of Nike Trainers:
synthetic leather
mesh of leather and synthetic leather
BRS 1000 or carbon rubber
Solid rubber
Durable rubber compound
Gum rubber.
For exact composition and making see the link below:
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The trainers are made of different materials most of which is synthetic. The top part is made of leather and the rest of the shoe is made up of petroleum based chemicals and synthetic rubber.
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Nike is the leading manufacturer of sports equipment, athletic shoes and also sports apparel. Nike is one of the first companies to use outsourcing in its operations.

The Nike trainers are usually made in third world countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. Some of them are partially manufactured in these countries and some are fully made in these countries. On the other hand, there are some brands of trainers, whose different parts are made in different places and then they are assembled together.

A typical Nike trainer has three parts.

The upper part.
Mid sole
The Outsole

The upper part of the trainer is usually made from leather or synthetic leather of medh or even canvas. The Midsole is made from a combination of materials like Phylon, Polyurethane, Phylite, EVA etc since it has to provide support and protection to the foot. Lastly, the outsole, is made from BRS 1000 or solid rubber or durable rubber compound or even durable gum rubber.

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Nike is the main manufacturer of athletic shoes, sports equipment, and apparel. Its trainers are popular with sports people all over the world. However, Nike has had to face severe criticism for the working conditions as well as production methods that it employs in its overseas contract factories.

It is widely believed that the soles of Nike trainers are actually made in sweatshops located in Indonesia and other third world developing countries. A lot of the Nike trainers and other sportswear are made in these underdeveloped countries because labour and setting up of factories is much cheaper there. This has prompted a number of organizations such as Oxfam Australia to keep a check on their labour practices. Oxfam Australia who advocates payment of decent wages and also respect for labour rights has started a Nike Watch campaign against sweatshops. According to the official website Nike brand owns 137 factories in the Americas (including the US), 252 in North Asia, 104 in EMEA and 238 in South Asia.
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They are made of shoe
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Trainers are made for introducing the beginners the way to do some job. A virtual environment is created in a trainer to do that job. In this way the beginner who is unaware of that job is safe from all the upcoming hazards. He is first given training and then sent to the real scenario where he has to tackle problems. Trainers may be made on a computer or physically for the demonstration purposes. They may be computer simulations which are shown to the persons for the demonstration purposes.

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