What Did Rich People Wear In William Shakespeare Days?


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The women often wore their hair up, with many elaborately decorated clips and slides holding it in place. They wore pearl pendant on golden chains and velvet dresses, held out by many layers of petticoats and hoops. Corsets were always worn, for a woman's waist must be no larger than 25-27 inches. Their knickers were knee-length and baggy. Stockings were attached to the knickers. They were often made of wool.

Men wore breeches, which were like puffy shorts, and stockings. They wore plain shirts but elaborate waistcoats made of velvet or some kind of soft cloth. Fur caps were worn and brown or black leather shoes. Gold medallions were always worn around necks and rings were placed on almost every finger.
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Beautifully decorated and detailed outfits. Lots of high quality and expensive fabric. Everything was custom made/fitted to each person. Plenty of jewelry. Lots of money went in to a single outfit back in the day. The clothing represented status long before America was established.
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The rich would often wear black. This is because the material would have to be dyed several times to attain the degree of colour required. After dying, the material would have to be dried. Then a Tailor or seamstress would need to cut the material to your needs. All of the above took time, and a great deal of money. Bohemians, such as Shakespeare, Drake and Raleigh would often have jewellery sewn into their outer garments to emphasise their "individuality", especially in the latter two, Shakespeare was a little more reserved and is seen to only sport an earring in the only "portrait" of him yet discovered, the Chandos portrait.
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My grandmas thongs

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