What Do Boys Wear For Their Grade 8 Prom Night?


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It really depends what kind of prom party you guys are having - although most prom parties are smartly-dressed affairs.

What to wear for your eighth grade prom
Most people take advantage of their eighth grade prom to dress up - some people even go the whole nine yards and rent out a limo and a tuxedo.

If you're unsure about what to wear, then why not ask your classmates how they intend to dress, and then pick something similar?

Most guys go down the 'formal' route when dressing up for prom, and this often involves a shirt and suit jacket (with some guys also opting for a smart tie).

My advice would be to dress smartly, but to avoid the 'I've borrowed my dad's work clothes' look.

If you're lacking in the inspiration department, try and imagine the swanky tuxedos that Hollywood A-listers wear to go to award ceremonies. You could even take a page out of Mickey Rourke's book and pair a flashy white suit with some cool-looking shades and a waistcoat!
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A fully buttoned tuxedo!
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They should wear a tuxedo or a suit if its graduation...

But if it's like a dance or something, then wear a graphic tee and jeans! I agree though, you should wear black shoes.
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A nice collared shirt; and maybe a tie, though not necessary at semi-formal; and some dress pants, or if it's casual, you can wear jeans. Also, try nice black dress shoes instead of your sneakers.

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