What Do You Need To Know In Ballet To Get Point Shoes?


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You need to have the muscles in your leg and foot defined, but your ballet teacher must realize your abilities before giving you the permission to go en pointe.  You have to have been training for several years; I was 11 years old when I got my first pair, and I started ballet when I was 3.
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You need to be experienced as a ballet students before beginning to pointe I recommend 3+ years, also you should be in the age from 11-14 to begin or 15-18. You should  be able to do releves, eleves, passe, peques, and other balancing exercises. You need to maintain your core strength in the pelvis. Make sure you have strong ankles and calf's. Pointe is hard and you could injure your self if your not prepared.
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You must have strong ankles and feet and a strong core, but what is most important is to have strong ballet technique. That means years of training on flat. If you start studying at a good academy at age 7-10, you should be ready at 13. (some at 12 depending on your technique and strength) We are talking a minimum of 3 classes a week (4.5 hours) of ballet. If you are looking to go professional it should be 15-20 hours a week at 13 then up to 20-30 by 14 years of age.
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You don't have to know, you have to be ready. Your body, especially everything below the waist, has to be ready for pointe. You have to build up muscle to be able to do pointe without hurting yourself. Pointe is very hard to do. Test yourself in some positions to see if you wobble or can't hold it up completely. Hope this helps!! :)
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First of all, it depends on your ankles. I did ballet for six-and-a-half years before my teachers thought my ankles and legs were strong enough.
To answer your question, you need to know ballet on a basic level, but then again it isn't that important what you know, it depends on the strength in your ankles and feet.
Ask yourself these questions:
Do my ankles wobble when I go up on relavae?
Do I think that I might hurt myself when on pointe shoes?
Do I think that my legs and ankles are strong enough?
If your answers were:
1. No
2. Yes
3. No
You might not be ready to go on pointe shoes.
If you go to a dance studio ask your teacher(s) what they think.
I hope that I was able to help you!
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I have been taking ballet for almost 11 years now since i was three and i am still one year away from being able to dance en pointe like many have already said it all depends on the strength in your ankles your technique the strength in your core and leg muscles and if your ballet instructor thinks you are ready. When you have all of those things you should be able to dance en pointe. Like my ballet instructor always says dancing en pointe is like starting ballet all over again.
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You have to be a strong ballet dancer on flat shoes before you start Pointe technique. Your calves, ankles, and inner thighs need to be very strong for pointe. Your body placement needs to be great, and you need to know a lot of terminology. I would reccomend at least 3+ years of ballet before beginning Pointe! I hope this helped!
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Well ive heard that you should take ballet for at least four years before you go on pointe and it takes a lot of hard work and you should have strong ankles before you go on pointe to get stronger calves and stuff id consider slow releves and slow tondues to work all the muscles in your feet and calves :)
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It's recommended to be rather experienced in ballet to do pointe ballet. Pointe ballet is very strenuous on the ankles, so the more you know about what you're doing, the better.
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Well you have to do ballet classes and then get a to a cert en grade in ballet before your legs are strong enough to hold up your weight on your toes Point
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The basics of ballet. Learn it, love it. Practice your flat shoes first, then you can start on point shoes. But most importantly, you need to know the beauty in ballet.
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Well you need to be very good at ballet on grade two, and prove that you are strong enough, then you can get pointe shoes! X

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