Can Men Paint Their Toe Nails?


7 Answers

nettie Profile
nettie answered
To each his own but I'm sure you will get some stares if they are visible but men do wear clear nail polish on their finger and toe nails the best to you....
rijalda sejfulovic Profile
No tht is what I think
William Hall Profile
William Hall answered

Why not? I have since 1975  24/7... have always gotten compliments from women and men...

Jeanna Miller Profile
Jeanna Miller answered
Yeah, but some people may think it is weird. I don't think I've ever seen a guy with painted nails, huh...?
brandon Profile
brandon answered
I paint my nails,and think it looks good as long as its black or clear,and you don't have ugly feet...
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I do on occasion but people usually freak out on it.   I started doing kick boxing over a year ago and noticed that there are a bunch of MMA guys that paint their toe nails. I think it looks cool especially black or chrome.

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